New Neverwinter expansion finally released for PC

New Neverwinter expansion finally released for PC

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New Neverwinter expansion finally released for PC:

Neverwinter was first released in 2013 and the team behind the game have just launched a new expansion for the popular MMORPG; this expansion was released in October for the console versions of the game so PC gamers can finally explore the new content.

Storm King’s Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice is the final chapter in the Storm King’s Thunder story; it sends the player on a journey to forge alliances before launching the final assault on the stronghold to take back the missing Ring of Winter.

The contents of the expansion is identical to the console version and players have quite a bit of content to look forwards to when their game updates; besides the lengthy campaign expansion, a new zone is available to explore. The Sea of Moving Ice is formed from a large number of icebergs which contain a range of new places to visit and events to experience.

To match the new ice and water based zone, new methods of travel has been added to the game to help players cross the freezing ocean to reach the new ice-based zone. All players are given a khyek outrigger boat which can be used to travel between the different icebergs in the game; the first one is quite slow but better ones become available as the game progresses.

It’s nice to see that the Neverwinter team has included content for all types of MMORPG players; Treasure Hunting and a new Fishing mini-game has been added to the game along with a new Trial for players to complete together. Assault on Svardborg sends a group of ten players on a final assault to reclaim the Ring of Winter and provides plenty of rewards for completing it.

Quite a few other minor changes have been included in this new update which is now available for PC gamers also.

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