Skyforge's political system is delayed indefinitely

Skyforge’s political system is delayed indefinitely

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Skyforge’s political system is delayed indefinitely:

The Skyforge development team has finally announced that the political system they were developing is being postponed indefinitely; this system was first announced two months ago with the Ascension update and since then, the developers have run into various issues with the upcoming system.

Details about how the political system would work are limited; the Council of Gods should allow the player to interact with politics in the world of Skyforge however, the developer hasn’t revealed exactly how players would interact with the system. Players would be given bonuses and according to the released details, players would have some influence of the game world through this system.

The Council of Gods mechanic has officially been delayed by the developer; Skyforge announced yesterday that the system has now been delayed indefinitely. The developer released a statement yesterday to explain this sudden decision to postpone the upcoming political system.

According to the statement, the team has delayed the Council of Gods as the concept needs more work and some of the mechanics for this system need to be completely re-designed; the entire system needs to be re-thought and modified to better suit the game world.

This news has been expected by Skyforge players as the developers had fallen silent about news relating to the Council of Gods; this innovative system would be one of the first of it’s kind in the MMORPG genre and was highly anticipated by fans of Skyforge and MMORPG gamers.

It’s now thought that the Council of Gods will be released at some point in 2017 however, the developers haven’t released a potential release period for this new mechanic.


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